Mother’s Day gift ideas: beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry

Mothers. They do it all: nurture, teach, comfort, inspire. They raise us up right, care for us when we’re sick, and support us. Moms are our first friends in the world, and the bond we form with them cannot be replicated. Though we should celebrate them all the time, there is one designated day of the year to highlight the importance of these wonderful women.

southwestern cross necklace
Plump Cross Necklace on Pearl Chain

This Mother’s Day, get her something special. While fashion trends may come and go, artisan jewelry is an investment worth making. The gift of handmade jewelry tells her you understand that she is special and worthy of wearable art.

rose quartz hoop earrings
Large Hoop Earrings with Faceted Rose Quartz

Rosa Kilgore jewelry is made by hand, one piece at a time with love and care, right here in Arizona. Each mama is unique – and so is each pair of my hoop earrings, each statement necklace. Hand crafted with classic elements like rose quartz, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, and ancient bronze – my jewelry is current, yet timeless.

long pyrite necklace
Double Dream Necklace on Pyrite

No two moms or step-moms are alike. If you’re lucky like me, you have the best of each. Thank you to Lele and T-Bird for being my inspiration, my mentors, and my friends. I love you both so much!

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