Celebrate the Summer Solstice

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Lucky Star Turquoise Earrings

Do you feel that shift? The warm sun and long days?

June 21st marks the summer solstice, the official beginning of summer. It’s the longest day and shortest night of the year.

Every year, there are two solstices — one in summer, and another in winter (around December 21st), marking the extremes of daytime and nighttime.

Crescent Moon Bracelet


I love summertime, full of golden days and memorable nights.

In northern AZ, the noises of the forest come alive and everything slows down. Not to mention, star-gazing is amazing during these short nights!

Crescent Moon Earrings with Faceted Rose Quartz 


Celebrate this celestial summer occasion with my cosmos-inspired jewelry.

Mystical, enchanting, and dreamy: my Luna collection and lucky star jewelry is perfect for those who appreciate the magic of the cosmos.

Like all my jewelry, these pieces are handmade in northern Arizona.



Lucky Star on Faceted Ball Chain

With accents like rose quartz, amethyst, pyritepearls, and turquoise – there’s a style for every star-lover.

As the seasons change once again, we are reminded of the beautiful cycles of nature and our universe.

May this summer be full of fun, sun, and star-gazing! Happy Summer Solstice.


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I prefer ancient methods, and the most elemental forms of working. I find magic as I manipulate, melt, and pour the molten metal as I shape it into forms of my own creation. The elements of ritual, of intention, can be found in each of my pieces. I feel a connection with silver. There is a link that connects us to the women who first wore silver, on different shores, in ancient times. Having been born into a family of artists, creativity is highly valued. Drawn to the lunar, the feminine and the mysterious, I find beauty in nature’s imperfections. This beauty is what I strive for in creating my jewelry.