Magazine Feature- The Red Book

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I’m over the moon about this wonderful feature in The Red Book! A huge thanks to Perrine Adams for the amazing article and to Jill Richards for the gorgeous photos.

Perrine and I met when she attended my jewelry workshop at Sanctuary Resort during my Artist in Residence in March. We hit it off and this feature is a result of that delightful meeting.

Mother and Daughter Artists Rosa Kilgore and Linda Margaret Kilgore

The piece focuses on the unusual aspect of three working artists in one family.  They were photographing the three of us on the same day so we made a little party of it. We served chocolate croissants (home made – thank you Trader Joes), mineral water and French lemonade. Pretty sure I ate more than half the croissants myself!

The photo shoot was so inspiring and fun. It was a gorgeous morning and Jill and her assistant were really easy to work with. I had met Jill once before, when Luxe magazine did an article on my mother Linda Margaret Kilgore. It was great to see her again and it also helped me feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Thank you to everyone involved!

Author: Jewelry

I prefer ancient methods, and the most elemental forms of working. I find magic as I manipulate, melt, and pour the molten metal as I shape it into forms of my own creation. The elements of ritual, of intention, can be found in each of my pieces. I feel a connection with silver. There is a link that connects us to the women who first wore silver, on different shores, in ancient times. Having been born into a family of artists, creativity is highly valued. Drawn to the lunar, the feminine and the mysterious, I find beauty in nature’s imperfections. This beauty is what I strive for in creating my jewelry.