Video Debut – About the Artist

This is exciting news! Finally, my long awaited (by me) first video is finished and ready to share with the world. This video, where I share my inspirations as a jeweler and give you a glimpse into my studio, is here and I’m fired up to share it with you!

Some of the pieces featured in the video are my Ancient Coin Tribal Necklace, Bark Cuff Bracelet, and Storm Earrings on Blue Onyx.

Gorgeous Textured Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver by Rosa Kilgore Jewelry



Maybe now that I’ve dipped my toe in, you’ll be seeing more video content from me in the future! Thank you for the support during this summer of firsts. You can keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram.

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Author: Jewelry

I prefer ancient methods, and the most elemental forms of working. I find magic as I manipulate, melt, and pour the molten metal as I shape it into forms of my own creation. The elements of ritual, of intention, can be found in each of my pieces. I feel a connection with silver. There is a link that connects us to the women who first wore silver, on different shores, in ancient times. Having been born into a family of artists, creativity is highly valued. Drawn to the lunar, the feminine and the mysterious, I find beauty in nature’s imperfections. This beauty is what I strive for in creating my jewelry.