Video Debut – About the Artist

This is exciting news! Finally, my long awaited (by me) first video is finished and ready to share with the world. This video, where I share my inspirations as a jeweler and give you a glimpse into my studio, is here and I’m fired up to share it with you!

Some of the pieces featured in the video are my Ancient Coin Tribal Necklace, Bark Cuff Bracelet, and Storm Earrings on Blue Onyx.

Gorgeous Textured Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver by Rosa Kilgore Jewelry



Maybe now that I’ve dipped my toe in, you’ll be seeing more video content from me in the future! Thank you for the support during this summer of firsts. You can keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram.

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Summer Blues

Well, we’re officially in the dog days of summer. Traditionally from July 3rd – August 11th, it’s name comes from Greek and Roman astrologers who saw the rising star Sirius, the “Dog star”, join the sun in the sky. It was believed that this period brings bad luck, storms, monsoons, and lethargy.

While I’m not sure of the accuracy of this old belief, I can certainly understand summertime blues. When the days are long and slow, and the sweltering heat never seem to end, it’s easy to feel low energy.

Despite all the superstition, I love all shades of summertime, especially blues. There is something so cool about denim and indigo in the sunshine. These warm July days are longing for some balance!

Embrace the chiller side of summer with some of my cool toned, blue-accented jewelry.

Loving these blue onyx and sterling silver earrings by Rosa Kilgore
Storm Earrings on Blue Onyx

My Storm earrings on blue onyx are elegant, simple, and perfect for all day wear. Versatile enough to wear with your favorite pair of blue jeans or a little blue dress.





Loving this long pearl and blue onyx necklace - handmade by Rosa Kilgore
Rain Drop Lariat Necklace on Blue Onyx


There’s something so captivating about summer storms. This Lariat necklace with blue onyx from my MONSOON collection hangs on a lovely strand of little pearls with faceted blue onyx at the drop point. This necklace has a 2 inch extender, so it can be worn with a variety of necklines.

The dog days of summer will be over soon! Let’s be thankful for another trip around this hot, hot sun. I’ll be avoiding the AZ sun as much as I can and seeking shade, preferably indoor and air-conditioned!

Here’s hoping any summer blues you encounter are temporary and fashion forward.

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